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Allan, Nina (Nina Allan)

Nina Allan, to start, is not a fictional character, much to the dismay of some. Born in the tantalizing streets of Whitechapel, she’s journeyed far, both geographically and literarily, from the Midlands to West Sussex, and even the Isle of Bute. With her globe-trotting spirit, one might wonder if the TARDIS has been her preferred mode of transport.

Ah, and what of her studies? Russian language and literature, you say? A peculiar choice, some might think. But then, the very best authors are made of peculiar choices, aren’t they?

Now, let us turn the page (or rather, scroll the screen) to her trove of tales. Ah, "The Race". A title that suggests speed, urgency, a mad dash to the finish. And indeed, it's been rather busy racing its way into nominations like the British Fantasy Award and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. Then there’s "The Rift" which seemed to be rather rift-y in accumulating awards left, right, and centre.

"Angelus", a title both evocative and celestial, made such an impression on the Grand Judge Ian Watson that he found it "beautifully written and paced and enigmatic yet in an entirely lucid way". A mouthful, to be sure, but then Nina Allan’s tales aren’t exactly for the faint-hearted or succinctly-spoken.

But, dear readers, let’s not forget her foray into novelettes. "The Art of Space Travel" might have you pondering, is it about NASA’s decor inspirations or perhaps, alien interior design? Alas, while we jest, it was indeed a finalist for prestigious awards such as the Hugo and the Theodore Sturgeon.

On a lighter note, her "Nina Allan’s Time Pieces" column in Interzone makes one ponder if she's been dabbling with time travel or perhaps owning a rather ornate, magical watch. We'll never tell.

Her tales, it seems, have fluttered into various magazines, from the shadows of "Black Static" to the futuristic corridors of "Interzone". And, as her works have traversed across borders, they’ve resonated globally, evident in awards like the French Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire. You can search the Nest for articles on Allan, Nina (Nina Allan) over at