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Allen, Roger MacBride (Roger MacBride Allen)

SFcrowsnest readers, lean in closely. Today, we embark on a whimsical voyage through the cosmos of Roger MacBride Allen, an author who, while certainly American, occasionally seems to hail from a galaxy far, far away.

First, a quick pit stop at the "Allies and Aliens" series. With titles like "The Torch of Honor" (1985) and "Rogue Powers" (1986), one can only imagine these novels are filled with politically incorrect extraterrestrials and fiery diplomatic misunderstandings. And if you’re the type who just can't be bothered with two separate books, 1995's "Allies and Aliens" has got you covered—it conveniently wraps both into one.

Then, we drift to "Hunted Earth" – an engaging series that starts with "The Ring of Charon" in 1990. This is not, as one might first guess, about an intergalactic jewelry heist, but rather, let's just say, it's packed with celestial drama. Eagerly awaiting "The Falling World"? Join the club; its release is one of those delightful TBD moments.

As we meander through the galaxies, we can't help but tip our space helmets to the "Caliban" series. Teaming up with the legendary Isaac Asimov's universe in the early 90s, Allen dives deep into robot ethics. Spoiler alert: Not all robots are programmed to fetch you coffee. Some might just challenge your moral compass.

Now, for those who fancy a bit of timey-wimey narratives, "Chronicles of Solace" is your cup of tea... or rather, flask of space brew. With poetic titles like "The Depths of Time" and "The Shores of Tomorrow", this series assures readers a head-spinning journey that even the TARDIS might envy.

Next, we find "BSI Starside", which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t a cosmic bureau of investigative agents looking into the dubious causes of star deaths. Or wait, maybe it is. With intriguing titles like "The Cause of Death" and "Final Inquiries", it's hard not to imagine interstellar forensics and alien autopsies.

Ah, and what's this? Allen has dipped his toes into the "Star Wars" realm? Indeed, with the Corellian trilogy, he takes readers on a whirlwind ride across Corellia, Selonia, and a showdown at Centerpoint. Han Solo would surely nod in approval, assuming he’s not in carbonite. You can search the Nest for articles on Allen, Roger MacBride (Roger MacBride Allen) over at