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Allston, Aaron (Aaron Allston)

When most kids were playing with spaceships, imagining gallant fights in far-off galaxies, Aaron Allston was probably that clever lad musing about the office politics of the space federation or the trade unions of aliens. Yes, he introduced the world to the wry side of galaxies far, far away. Allston, with his storied career, provided iconic contributions to the 'Star Wars' universe, with tales like the 'X-Wing' series. But where others see grand space operas with epic laser battles, Aaron might wonder about the insurance premiums on X-wings. Now that's a perspective! His narratives glide effortlessly between grave interstellar conflicts and, perhaps, the awkward moment when two space commanders show up wearing the same uniform. Only on SFcrowsnest would one realise the cosmic importance of such fashion faux pas. You can search the Nest for articles on Allston, Aaron (Aaron Allston) over at