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Anderson, Taylor (Taylor Anderson)

Step aside, Captains Kirk and Sparrow! There’s a new captain sailing through strange waters, and his name is Taylor Anderson. A historian, re-enactor, and teacher by day, this mild-mannered professor goes into a phone booth (well, probably his study) and comes out wielding a mighty pen, ready to take readers on high-seas adventures through stormy alternate realities.

As the captain of the Destroyermen series, Anderson's navigational charts take us through tempests of WWII combat and into the Bermuda Triangle of alternate history. In his first novel, "Into the Storm," the crew of USS Walker, a ship so grizzled it makes Captain Ahab’s Pequod look like a bathtub toy, finds itself in an alternate Earth. It's an Earth with a familiar splash but with a different kind of fish in the sea. Think Jurassic Park meets Master and Commander, with a dash of Alice Through the Looking Glass. Aye, sailors, there be Lemurians and Grik! The Lemurians, cat-monkey hybrids that will make you rethink your stance on taking pets onboard, and the Grik, a reptilian menace that makes Godzilla look like an overgrown gecko.

Anderson's maritime mélange will have you clutching the mast for dear life, as he masterfully weaves the winds of historical accuracy with the waves of wild imagination. Not only will you find yourself knee-deep in swashbuckling action, but you will also learn more about nautical terms than a pirate on shore leave. And did I mention the airships? Hold on to your tricorn hats because Anderson turns the high seas into high skies!

What’s refreshing is that Anderson doesn't just give us "Pirates of the Caribbean with dinosaurs." His characters face real problems, like rust, limited ammunition, and what to do when your gunner is a Lemurian with a tail balance issue. His world-building is as meticulous as a ship in a bottle, with every piece painstakingly detailed. He does for boats what Tolkien did for Hobbits.

All hands on deck for camaraderie, battle strategy, and interspecies cooperation as the series sails through 15 books, each more thrilling than the last. Captain Anderson's ship doesn’t sail in circles; he knows how to keep the plot on course.

So, if you’re ready to set sail on a grand adventure that’ll shiver your timbers and make you wish you’d paid more attention in history class, Taylor Anderson is the skipper for you. He's the admiral of alternate history, the commodore of creatures, and the sea lord of story arcs.

Avast, ye landlubbers! Put on your sailor hats, grab a copy of a Destroyermen novel, and set sail into the stormy seas of Taylor Anderson's imagination. But be warned – once aboard, you might never want to drop anchor again! You can search the Nest for articles on Anderson, Taylor (Taylor Anderson) over at