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Anthony, Piers (Piers Anthony)

Piers Anthony, a name that rings through the echoing halls of science fiction and fantasy literature. This American author, who has tickled our collective imaginations for decades, is best known for his enchanting series set in the fantastical world of Xanth.

Anthony's tales have captivated countless readers, and many of his books have achieved the coveted spot on The New York Times Best Seller list. And let's not forget his charming accomplishment of having a book for every letter of the alphabet, from Anthonology to Zombie Lover – talk about a wordsmith with a mission!

Despite his towering success, Anthony hasn't shied away from playing hardball with publishers. If you're picturing a magical duel, it's not quite like that. He has moved between publishers, and even sued some, to protect his creative integrity when he felt his work was being unjustly manipulated. His crusade for justice isn't limited to his work alone; he also maintains an Internet Publishers Survey to aid budding writers, earning him the 2003 "Friend of EPIC" award for service to the electronic publishing community.

Anthony's world of Xanth has been so captivating, it's been optioned for movies and inspired a DOS video game and a board game. Imagine, being able to step into the world of Xanth, a realm filled with magic, monsters, and mayhem, both on screen and in the gaming world.

A fun feature of Anthony's novels is his tradition of ending them with a chapter-long Author's Note. He often shares stories about his life and experiences related to the novel, making it a delightful, personal sign-off. It's like getting a friendly, authorly chat after each thrilling adventure!

A cool fact for the techies out there: since 2000, Anthony has been crafting his spellbinding tales in a Linux environment. His novels aren't just products of a vivid imagination but also the result of cutting-edge technology.

His Xanth series was ranked 99th in a 2011 NPR readers' poll of best science fiction and fantasy books. A well-deserved spot, considering the 47 novels (and counting) in the series, each one a magical journey through the imaginative Xanth.

From "A Spell for Chameleon," which started it all in 1977, to the latest "Apoca Lips" in 2023, each book in the series is a testament to Anthony's enduring storytelling prowess.

But Xanth isn't Anthony's only foray into epic series. His "Bio of a Space Tyrant" series explores the life of a refugee turned politician You can search the Nest for articles on Anthony, Piers (Piers Anthony) over at

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