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Arden, Tom (Tom Arden)

Today, we are making a stop in the memory lane of the literary world to talk about none other than Tom Arden, or David Rain, if you're inclined to real-world appellations. Let's unwrap the enigma of this man who took us on the fantastical voyage of the Orokon saga and beyond.

A native of Australia who decided that the land of cricket and kangaroos wasn't quite enough, Tom Arden, like many of his characters, undertook a pilgrimage to another world—Northern Ireland and England, to be exact. Now, let's not get muddled with his personal life; we're here for the feast of his imagination.

Ah, the Orokon saga! If you've yet to dip your toes into this literary hot spring, then let me assure you, it's worth the paddle. It's a rich tapestry of a story woven through five intricately planned volumes: 'The Harlequin's Dance,' 'The King and Queen of Swords,' 'Sultan of the Moon and Stars,' 'Sisterhood of the Blue Storm,' and 'Empress of the Endless Dream.' That's a mouthful of titles that promise—and let's be clear, they deliver—a cacophony of adventures, misadventures, and oh-so-many swords. Sort of a Game of Thrones, but without the brutal demise of every character you've ever loved.

Not content with merely penning an epic, Arden decided to go Gothic. Yes, we're talking 'Shadow Black,' a gothic mystery that comes across as a dark chocolate truffle filled with something like bourbon—an acquired taste that leaves a lasting impression. His penchant for genre-hopping was evidenced yet again in 'The Translation of Bastian Test,' where he threw science fiction into the ring, because why not?

Even the Doctor—yes, that Doctor of time-bending, universe-skipping fame—wasn't immune to Arden's pen. 'Nightdreamers' is his Doctor Who novella, and while it might not have you screaming "Exterminate!" it will surely make you appreciate the narrative TARDIS that was Arden's brain.

Although he graced the lecture halls of Queen's University of Belfast and Middlesex University, London, imparting the craft of creative writing, one can only hope his students realized they were getting lessons from someone who, at seven, was already knee-deep in manuscript drafts with his unpublished 'Moon Escape.' Most seven-year-olds are busy navigating jungle gyms, but Arden was already navigating fictional worlds.

Tragically, the narrative arc of Tom Arden came to an end in 2015, when he succumbed to cancer. But let us not dwell on the final chapter; let us celebrate the opus he left behind, a vibrant tapestry of storytelling that continues to unfurl in the minds of his readers. You can search the Nest for articles on Arden, Tom (Tom Arden) over at