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Asher, Neal (Neal Asher)

The virtuoso of vicious aliens, the architect of AI antics, the connoisseur of cosmic capers – Neal Asher is our interstellar tour guide for the day!

When it comes to mind-boggling worlds and spacefaring extravaganzas, Neal Asher is like a mad scientist mixing volatile (but awesome) elements together. Let's fire up the warp drive and dive headfirst into the Polity Universe, shall we? The ‘Polity’ series isn’t just a series, it’s a buffet of high-tech, AI-driven, bug-infested, and utterly riveting novels and stories. Imagine if the internet evolved, built itself a body, and decided to run the galaxy. That's the AI-led Polity for you.

Now, dear explorers, be wary, for the Polity isn't all motherboards and machine dreams. There’s the Prador – and these aren't your friendly neighborhood crustaceans. If you took a crab, gave it an evil-genius brain, kitted it out with weapons, and then scaled it up to the size of a pickup truck, you’d be halfway to envisioning a Prador. So, if you’ve ever slighted a crab, now’s the time to apologize.

For those with an affinity for the ‘Indiana Jones’ vibe, we have the ‘Spatterjay’ trilogy. Spatterjay is a planet that’s like the Amazon rainforest on some kind of cosmic steroid. The leeches here don't just suck your blood; they make you near-immortal. But with pirates, monstrous wildlife, and a sea that’s more alive than your average pet, immortality doesn’t seem such a straightforward deal. It’s a rip-roaring adventure, and Neal Asher is at the wheel of this jungle speedboat.

But wait! There's more! Asher doesn’t just stop at novel-length space escapades; he’s also a master of the shorter form. His short stories pack more punch than a Polity dreadnought, and they’re as imaginative as a shapeshifter’s wardrobe.

In essence, Neal Asher’s works are like an adrenaline shot to the imagination. He’s the guy who invites you to a quiet dinner and then reveals a multi-dimensional, plasma weapon-wielding, AI-driven fiesta of storytelling. His worlds are vibrant, his plots are like roller coasters designed by mad scientists, and his characters are as multifaceted as a diamond in a hall of mirrors. You can search the Nest for articles on Asher, Neal (Neal Asher) over at