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Axler, James (James Axler)

Every reader, at some point, has wondered, "What would the world look like post-apocalypse?" James Axler, on the other hand, probably has an entire atlas. His "Deathlands" series paints a picture of Earth after its disastrous tryst with fate, and oh, what a vivid picture it is. With Axler, you aren’t just getting accounts of fallen civilisations and grim warriors. No, you're getting the lay of the land, the peculiar barter systems, the freshly coined slang, and perhaps even the favourite post-apocalyptic recipes. If there ever was a tourism guide for the post-doomsday wanderer, James Axler would probably be its enthusiastic author. If you ever wondered how one chap could be so prolific - well, James Axler is the house name of Gold Eagle Publishing, the action adventure series imprint of Harlequin. So they don't even exist! A fiction within a fiction? Now, that's meta! You can search the Nest for articles on Axler, James (James Axler) over at