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Extraterrestrial - Mark's take

Extraterrestrial is an amiable romantic comedy with a science fiction premise. Nacho Vigalondo follows up his Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimenes) with a lighter touch, neither as taxing nor as rewarding as his previous film. Waking up with a hangover, Julián Villagrán as Julio realizes he does not know the woman he has been sleeping with. He also slept through the coming of a giant alien spaceship hovering over his city.

Prometheus - Mark's take.

Prometheus is a spectacular film and a spectacularly frustrating film. Full of earth-shaking ideas, much of the script just does not make even basic sense. It promises to give us at least science fictional explanations for some of the great questions of human existence, but it never has the courage to answer those questions. With tremendous special effects, much of the film is just plain unpleasant to watch. Spoiler warning: I will discuss some of the ideas of the film after the main review. I do not think it will damage the impact of the film, but be warned.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer (Frank's take)

There was certainly an opportunity missed when conceiving the concocted irreverence behind the historical horror actioner Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer. Naturally the handlers behind his haunting hogwash wanted to tap into an offbeat joke about showcasing the 16th American president of the United States kicking some walking undead blood-sucking butt.

Chernobyl Diaries (Frank's take)

Chernobyl Diaries continues the tired trend of churning out toothless terrorising tales that bring neither any fresh ideas to the tortured table or generate distinctive debauchery. Generic, recycled and synthetically titillating, Chenobyl Diaries is just another hollow horror show going through the mechanical motions of shock value.

Men in Black III (Frank's take)

It has been a decade since the last instalment of Men in Black invaded our cinematic sensibilities in 2002. Now ten years later Agents J and K are on the loose yet again to save the world from creepy creatures in the giddy-minded sci-fi chucklefest Men in Black III. No doubt that MIB fans will rejoice in the hyperactive third edition of the frivolous film franchise.

Prometheus (Frank's take)

Although Prometheus deserves its autonomy as a gorgeous and glossy piece of science fiction filmmaking steeped in imaginative imagery and exquisite escapism the reality remains that it is a promising prequel to the legendary moviemaking masterpiece in 1979’s sci-fi horror show Alien.

Snow White and the Huntsman (Frank's take)

Favourite fairy tale lass Snow White is getting her fair share of attention at the box office lately. First, she is the subject of the slight and sugar-coated Tarsem Singh’s decorative dud Mirror, Mirror that sputtered more than anything else. Now our childhood diva is getting a more sinister, suggestive makeover in an edgier version of her retelling in the gritty and grainy Snow White and the Huntsman.

The Powers are Champion

An examination by: GF Willmetts. The Powers Are Champion – a look back at the 1967 TV series and the source of the three Nemesis agents' superhuman powers.

The Internet tailored to your needs?

Is it just me worrying about this or has it just not occurred to enough other people yet? Sometimes, something insidious creeps into our lives that we take for granted, even if it has innocent intent, before realising its got very negative aspects.



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Reviews of genre books, comics, magazines, DVDs and any other gear we've laid our grubby hands on this month.


A Man On The Moon by Andrew Chaikin

pub: Penguin. 688 page paperback. Price: £ 7.69 (UK) if you know where to look. ISBN: 978-0-14104-183-4.

Batman: Knightfall: Volume One

pub: Titan Books/DC Comics. 636 page graphic novel. Price: £22.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-78116-094-7.

Blue Remembered Earth (Poseidon's Children book 1) by Alastair Reynolds

pub: Gollancz. 505 page hardback. Price: £18.99 (UK only). ISBN: 978-0-575-08827-6.

City Of Ruins (book 2) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

pub: Pyr/Prometheus Books. 299 page enlarged paperback. Price: $16.00 (US). ISBN: 978-1-61614-369-5.

Cursed (Alex Verus novel book 2) by Benedict Jacka

pub: Orbit. 309 page small enlarged paperback. Price: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-356-50025-6.

Dark Shadows: The Wicked And The Dead by Eric Wallace

pub: Big Finish. 1 CD 60 minute story. Price: CD: £ 9.99 (UK), Download: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84435-382-8)cast: Jerry Lacy and John Karlen.

Daughter Of Smoke And Bone by Laini Taylor

pub: Hodder & Stoughton. 418 page hardback. Price: about £ 6.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-144472-262-8.

Doctor Who: Destination Nerva by Nicholas Briggs

pub: Big Finish. 1 CD 60 minute story. Price: CD: £10.99 (UK), Download: £ 8.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84435-607-2)cast: Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Raquel Cassidy, Sam Graham, Tilly Gaunt, Tim Bentinck, Kim Wall and Tim Treloar.

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Jigsaw War by Eddie Robson

pub: Big Finish. 1 CD 60 minute story. Price: CD: £ 8.99 (UK), Download: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84435-622-5)cast: Frazer Hines and Dominic Mafham.

Doctor Who: The Day Of The Cockroach by Steve Lyons

pub: Audio Go/BBC. 1 CD 76 minute story. Price: CD: £ 7.65 (UK), Download: £ 5.49 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-40846-880-7)read by: Arthur Darvill.

Doctor Who: The Jupiter Conjunction by Eddie Robson

pub: Big Finish. 2 CDs 120 minute story. Price: CD: £14.99 (UK), Download: £12.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84435-628-7)cast: Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Sarah Sutton, Rebecca Front, John Cummins, Ellie Burrow, Zoe Lister, Ben Porter, Simon Blake and Philip Pope.

Doctor Who: The Sea Devils by Malcolm Hulke

pub: Audio Go/BBC. 4 CDs 264 minute story. Price: CD: £13.25 (UK), Download: £ 6.14 (UK). ISBN: 978-140567-737-0)read by: Geoffrey Beevers.

Drive And Curiosity by Istvan Hargittai

pub: Prometheus Books. 338 page illustrated indexed hardback. Price: $26.00 (US), £22.95 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-61614-468-5.

Forever & Forty Days by Jim McPherson and Ian Fry

pub: Phantacea Mythos. 84 page softcover graphic novel. Price: $ 9.95 (US), $11.95 (CAN). ISBN: 978-0-97813-423-5.

Hammer House Of Horror DVD boxset (1980)

region 2: pub:ITV DVD 37115 04093. 4 DVDs 670 minutes 13 * 51 minute episodes with extras. Price: £10.97 (UK) if you know where to look.

International Rescue: Thunderbirds Agents' Technical Manual by Sam Denham and illustrated by Graham Bleathman

pub: Haynes. 135 page illustrated large hardback. Price: £14.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-85733-117-5.

Jag In Space: A Just Determination (# 1) by Jack Campbell

pub: Titan Books. 339 page small enlarged paperback. Price: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-85768-959-7. E-book edition: ISBN: 978-0-85768-959-7.

Light Touch Paper Stand Clear: Short Story Collection edited by Simon Petrie & Edwina Harvey

pub: Peggy Bright Books. 250 page book. Price: $24.95 (AUS). Ebook: $ 4.95 (AUS).

Many Bloody Returns edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner

pub: Gollancz. 370 page small hardback. Price: £14.99 (UK only). ISBN: 978-0-575-09781-0.

Multiples: 1983-87: Volume Six by Robert Silverberg

pub: Subterranean Press. 426 page deluxe hardback. Price: $35.00 (US). ISBN: 978-1-59606-402-7.

Paradox: The Nine Greatest Enigmas In Science by Professor Jim Al-Khalili

pub: Bantam Press/Transworld Books. 234 page illustrated indexed hardback. Price: £16.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-593-06929-5.

Redshirts by John Scalzi

pub: TOR. 317 page hardcover. Price: $16.49 (US), £17.54 (UK). ISBN: 978-076531-699-8.

Rise Of The Taigethen (Elves Trilogy book 2) by James Barclay

pub: Gollancz. 343 page enlarged paperback. Price: £12.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-575-08521-3.

Shadow Of Night (All Souls Trilogy book 2) by Deborah Harkness

pub: Headline . 592 page hardback. Price: £16.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-75538-473-0.

Skydragons (Dragonriders Of Pern) by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey

pub: Del Rey/Ballantine Books. 344 page hardback. Price: $26.00 (US), $31.00 (CAN). ISBN: 978-0-345-50091-5)pub: Bantam Press/Transworld. 344 page hardback. Price: £18.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-593-06621-8) .

Stargate: Universe: The Complete Final Season boxset

DVD region 2: pub: 20th Century Fox B003OBZ5QQ. 5 DVDs 860 minutes 20 * 43 minute episodes with extras. Price: about £15.00 (UK) if you know where to look)cast: Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Jamil Walker Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Supergods - Our World In The Age Of The Superhero by Grant Morrison

pub: Random House. 446 page hardback. Price: £18.00 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-224-08996-8.

Tales From The Darkside: Season Three DVD boxset

region 2 DVD: pub: Revelation Films B006VIP0MS. 4 DVDs 484 minute 22 * 30 minute episodes. Price: £13.99 (UK).

The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secrets Of The Unicorn

Region 2 DVD: pub: Paramount PHE 1644. 2 DVD 102 minute film with extras. Price: about £ 7.00 (UK) currently if you know the right shop)cast: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig.

The Book Of Alien by Paul Scanlon and Michael Gross

pub: Titan Books. 112 page softcover. Price: £ 9.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-85286-483-5) .

The Broken Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy book 2) by N.K. Jemisin

pub: Orbit. 396 page small enlarged paperback. Price: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84149-818-8) .

The Disco Exorcist (2011)

region 1 DVD: PUB: MVD Group B007PK9N60. 80 minutes DVD. Price: $16.95 (US))cast: Michael Reed, Ruth Sullivan and Sarah Nicklin.

The Gathering Storm (The Wheel Of Time book 12) by Robert Jordan with Brandon Sanderson

pub: Orbit. 783 page hardback. Price: £20.00 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84149-165-3pub: Orbit. 844 page paperback. Price: £ 8.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84149-232-2.

The Highest Frontier by Joan Slonczewski

pub: TOR/Forge. 443 page hardback. Price: $26.99 (US), $31.00 (CAN). ISBN: 978-0-7653-2956-1.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy book 1) by N.K. Jemisin

pub: Orbit. 410 page small enlarged paperback. Price: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84149-817-1) .

The Lost Fleet: Dauntless (book 1) by Jack Campbell

pub: Ace/Penguin. 304 pages paperback. Price: $ 7.99 (US), £ 5.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-85768-130-0. (pub: Titan Books. 350 page small enlarged paperback. Price: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-85768-130-0) .

The Mammoth Book Of Conspiracies by Jon E. Lewis

pub: Constable Robinson. 607 page small enlarged paperback. Price: £ 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84901-363-5.

The Massive 1 Landfall: Kamchatka by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson

pub: Dark Horse. 32 page comicbook. Price: $ 3.50 (US).

The Moral Molecule by Paul J. Zak

pub: Bantam Press. 235 page indexed small hardback. Price: £16.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-593-06749-9.

The Spacesuit Film: A History, 1918-1969 by Gary Westfahl

pub: McFarland. 361 page illustrated indexed softcover. Price: £43.50 (UK), $50.00 (US). ISBN: 978-0-7864-4267-6.

The Zombie Times, May 2012 newsletter

pub: Terror4fun, 24 page newsletter. Price: free!.

Time's Last Gift by Philip Jose Farmer

pub: Titan Books. 266 page small enlarged paperback. Price: £ 7.99 (UK), $ 9.95 (US), $11.95 (CAN). ISBN: 978-0-85768-965-8.

Torchwood: Mr. Invincible by Mark Morris

pub: Audio Go/BBC. 1 CD 63 minute story. Price: CD: £10.20 (UK), Download: £ 6.11 (UK). ISBN: 978-144587-198-1)read by: Tom Price.

War's Chosen

pub: Arcana Comics. 74 page graphic novel. Price: $14.95 (US). ISBN: 978-1-926914-86-2.

Whedonistas! edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Deborah Stanish

pub: Mad Norwegian Press. 196 page enlarged paperback. Price: $14.95 (US). ISBN: 978-1-93523410-4.

Who Is The Doctor: The Unofficial Guide To Doctor Who - The New Series by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?

pub: ECW Press. 400 page book.. Price: £14.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-55022-984-4. ePub: Price: £7.12 (UK). ASN: B007HNAPWQ.

X marks the spot for book conversions

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I've commented a few times that our reality is looking more like a Science Fiction

Is it frustrating that films released on DVD come out in various versions?

Would you like to have an extended life?

Which do you prefer books in?

What is your favourite alien name?

Daisy sentient sentences

Things that a Science Fiction fan would never get wrong

Gideon's Collar (state torture device)


Amazing Stories coming back soon

Amazing Stories, the world's first science fiction magazine, will begin its return to regular publication this July 1st 2012 with Volume 0, Number 1, the Relaunch Prelaunch issue.

Sunburst Award Society announces shortlists for 12th annual prize

The Sunburst Award Society have announced the short-lists for this year's awards. The Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic is an annual award celebrating the best in Canadian fantastic literature published during the previous calendar year.

Gardens of Stone

Australian author Mark Barnes’s debut fantasy novel and two sequels have been acquired by 47North, Amazon Publishing’s Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror imprint, in a deal by John Jarrold, to editor David Pomerico. The first novel, titled Garden of Stones, will be published in spring 2013, with the first sequel following six months later.

Italian deal for Mark Charan Newton.

Jon Mitchell, Senior rights Manager at Macmillan, has sold Italian rights to Nights Of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton to Gargoyle, who recently acquired rights to publish Joe Abercrombie and others.

Film Option Deal For Adam Nevill's Horror Novel Apartment 16

Matt and Ray Marshall of Blind Monkey Pictures, the horror offshoot of UK production company Festival Film and TV, have optioned Adam Nevill’s horror novel Apartment 16, which was successfully published in the U.K. in 2010 by Pan Macmillan.

Ray Bradbury RIP.

Ray Bradbury has died today in LA (aged 91) – he was an American fantasy, science fiction, and mystery writer who will be best remembered for his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, as well as the series of SF stories collected as The Martian Chronicles, and his novel The Illustrated Man.

Hellraiser's Clive Barker to rewrite Zombies vs. Gladiators for Amazon Studios

Hellraiser creator and horror writer Clive Barker will rewrite the action horror project, Zombies vs. Gladiators, for Amazon Studios. Based in ancient Rome, the Zombies vs. Gladiators story opens as a shaman who is about to die in the Coliseum casts a spell that unleashes the world’s first zombies.

Dredd your judgement.

Well, I promised you the full trailer for the new Judge Dredd movie, and I wouldn’t want to break my word – in the mega-cities, that crime no doubt carries the punishment of exile to the Cursed Earth. And I’m no stinking mutie, perp!

The Dark Knight Rises trailerized

There’s a little film coming your way called The Dark Knight Rises. And if you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s a new trailer to remind you.

Black Widow toy gets real.

The new Avengers Black Widow figure from Hot Toys is certainly living up to its name. This is a 1:6 scale collectible standing tall at 28cm. Beats my old Star Wars collection (now in the hands of the younglings at Casa Hunt) hands down.

Clone Wars five.

Wake up your kids – the 5th season of the Clone Wars cartoon series is coming. And if you’re young at heart, you might even enjoy a few of the episodes yourself.

Feel the Dredd.

The 1st poster for the new Judge Dredd movie with Karl Urban as Mega City One’s own version of Dirty Harry is upon us. Can you feel the Dredd? And will he remove his helmet like Sylvester Stallone did (oh, the sacrilege)? Only time will tell.

He’s the Governor.

He’s the gov – and I don’t mean that in a Ray Winstone way, I mean that in a Walking Dead way. Yes, it’s actor David Morrissey playing everyone’s favourite go-to evil post apocalyptic warlord leader. Ah, us Brits get all the good parts, don’t we?

Arrow. Not Green.

The Arrow (not Green Arrow, note) is coming your way soon to US telly as a kind of sop to all those facing withdrawal symptoms on Smallville. Here’s the extended trailer. Appears worth a look at first glance.

Star Trek 2 first trailer.

Yes, it’s the teaser trailer for Trek 2, and you will believe that Benedict Cumberbatch is a frozen genetically enhanced super-human refugee from the third world war. Well, it’s not that much of a leap, is it?

Skyfall trailer.

Mister Bond is back in this trailer… James Bond. Have you been expecting him? Yes, it’s a little bit of spy-fi for Tuesday.


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